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Are you hoping to go on a hair-raising adventure in your motorhome this Halloween? Motorhome Protect shares the spookiest places to visit in your home on wheels for the ultimate October fright fest.

Touring the UK in your motorhome is one of life’s greatest pleasures. There are so many places to see and things to do, the fun and adventure opportunities are endless!

You might have gone to the seaside in summer or visited the Christmas markets at the end of the year, but have you dared to go on a haunting Halloween holiday?

Prepare to be officially spooked as we share some of the most frightening locations to visit in your home on wheels this October.

Whether you enjoy watching classic horror, are an avid history fan, or simply love the thrill of a fright, you’ll love what’s in store at some of the spookiest locations across the UK.

Remember, before you set off on any journey, you need to have motorhome insurance in the UK to legally drive on the roads. It also protects your vehicle in case of an accident or theft.

So, get behind the wheel and join us on an adventure filled with rotten Romans, scary skeletons, and wicked witches at the most ghoulish sites in the UK.




One of the most famous names in British history is Henry VIII, mainly due to the fact he got married six times. Two of those poor wives succumbed to beheading, one of which was Anne Boleyn.

Her bloody fate took place on 19th May 1536, and sources say she returned to her birthplace, Blickling Hall, after she passed. Nowadays, witnesses claim her headless ghost returns to the grand residence every year on the anniversary of her death. 

Anne isn’t the only ghoulish inhabitant of this National Trust site:

  • Her father, Sir Thomas, is also thought to frequent the area.
  • The spirit of Shakespeare’s inspiration for Falstaff, Sir John Fastolf, haunts the halls.
  • Some visitors say they hear the dying moans of Henry Hobart in the West Turret bedroom.

The 500 acres of woodland, spectacular garden, and gigantic library are well worth the visit if you can brave the howling historical residents!




What’s better than a haunted castle or ghost-ridden woods? An entire village overrun by phantoms! Pluckley in Kent is in the Guinness Book of Records for being the most haunted village in Britain, all thanks to the 12 ghouls who allegedly roam the streets.

Spend a few days in this quaint location, and you might get to spot them all, including a small white dog, a highwayman who lives in a tree, and a ghostly coach and horses.




This Scottish National Trust site in the highlands provides the perfect backdrop for a frightening hike.

The rugged beauty and variety of bird species are joined by some spookier beings, so make sure you stick to the trails – this isn’t somewhere you want to get stuck on a stormy night!

In 1692, a troop of soldiers posed as friendly guests before gruesomely murdering the residents of Clan Macdonald, which became known as the Glencoe Massacre. Legend says some family members survived and fled to the nearby woods, where locals claim they still roam to this day.

Film buffs might also want to add this one to their list, as it’s featured in a few famous flicks:

  • Skyfall (James Bond)
  • Monty Python and the Holy Grail
  • Various Harry Potter films

If you’re heading up to Scotland on a long road trip this Halloween, you might want to share the driving with someone else. Just make sure you have them as a named driver on your motorhome insurance in the UK.




This Norman fortress is another National Trust spot and visitors and volunteers report a range of spooky sensations amidst its walls.

  • You might see the man in green walk through the shop in the 17th Century stable block.
  • One volunteer reported to have seen a disembodied human foot appear in front of him in the Blue Kitchen.
  • Many people claim to hear men talking and thundering footsteps during the night in empty parts of the castle.
  • A cleaner once said she saw a man in military uniform in a part of the castle that was once a troop dormitory in the Civil War.
  • Dogs often become troubled by what appears to be a sinister presence in the dungeon, which might have something to do with the skeleton of a seven-foot prisoner down there!

Ghoulish activity aside, Dunster Castle is a glorious location to visit and sits on top of a very steep hill, looking imposingly over its stunning surroundings.

Just be prepared for a menacing presence or you might be tempted to race off in your home on wheels and get into an accident. Thankfully, claiming on your motorhome insurance in the UK through Motorhome Protect doesn’t have to be a nightmare.




Fancy a relaxing drink or bite to eat in a cosy local on your haunting Halloween trip? If you were thinking you could escape the ghosts in this ancient inn, think again!

The Brecon Beacons are perfect for hikes in the UK, but you might get more than you bargained for when you head into this boozer for a post-walk pint.

Regular customers report hearing a range of spooky sounds, like whispering voices, loud footsteps, and slamming doors. Local legend says the building was once used for trials, where hundreds of defendants were hung within its walls.




This 17th Century house has been owned by the Conyngham family for hundreds of years, and many members of the clan have fought in wars over the centuries.

You might spot the odd war-torn soldier here and there, but the most frequent spooky appearances come in the form of Olivia Lennox Conyngham. Luckily, for those with a low scare threshold, Olivia is relatively calm and tends to appear mainly during the day to children.

If you’re coming from England, Scotland, or Wales, you can board a ferry in your motorhome and enjoy all that Northern Ireland has to offer.

Just make sure you take your journey slowly and enjoy plenty of stops. The last thing you want is to drive tired and get into an accident, which could see you claiming on your motorhome insurance in the UK.




whitby abbey yorkshire at sunset


This atmospheric setting is already famed in the scare community for its gothic feel and connection to the one and only Dracula. If that isn’t enough to give you goosebumps, perhaps the ongoings around Whitby Abbey will.

The story goes that a young nun was bricked inside the walls alive because she broke her vows. Nowadays, locals and visitors report a ghostly hearse pulled by headless horses whooshing past St Mary’s Church, complete with headless driver!

When you’re not being taunted by the dead, Whitby itself is a wonderful little spot for an autumn getaway, with a quaint harbour and delightful tea rooms to relax in after a fright.




These fortress ruins might sit amidst a glorious rolling backdrop but are said to be haunted by a host of nightmarish phantoms, including;

  • Edward the Martyr who was ordered to death at the young age of 18 by his wicked stepmother.
  • 22 Frenchman captured and imprisoned by King John in the 13th Century, who all starved to death in Corfe dungeons.
  • Edward II who was kept prisoner here before being murdered in 1327.
  • A headless woman who betrayed the Banks family who lived here during the Civil War in 1645.

You can learn all about these frightening figures and more of the fascinating castle’s history on guided walks and exhibitions through the building and gardens.

Campers spending a few days in the area can enjoy fantastic views on walks through Hartland Moor or along the seafront. Don’t forget to check your motorhome insurance in the UK is up to date before heading here on your haunting holiday.




The view over rural Lancashire from this spot is one of the most stunning sights for miles, but those who dare to visit the place might just get an unexpected fright from the Pendle witches.

Way back in 1612, this group of alleged witches went to trial at Lancaster Castle and were sentenced to be hung. The 10 bodies got buried up on the hill, and over the years there have been several claimed sightings.

Whether you experience the chilling sensation of the witches when on a hike in the area or not, there’s no denying the creepy atmosphere.




England’s capital is full of haunted corners, but they don’t come much more phantom-filled than the Tower of London. Apart from being home to the Crown Jewels, the spot is most famous for housing prisoners before being led to their public execution.

The numerous historical inmates include some very famous names, like:

  • Guy Fawkes
  • Thomas Cromwell
  • Sir Walter Raleigh
  • William Wallace

One of the most frequent scarers of the tower has already been mentioned, and that’s Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII’s second wife.

Numerous employees in the building have seen her wandering around with her head under her arm after closing time.

Want to make your trip to London as terrifying as possible? Why not combine your Tower of London visit with a Jack the Ripper tour or spectacular show at the haunted Theatre Royal on Drury Lane. 

If you’re planning on driving your home on wheels through the city, check your motorhome insurance in the UK and whether you need to pay a Congestion Charge or Ultra Low Emission Zone charge.




The spirit of Sir Francis Drake is said to spook visitors to this National Trust site, which became his home after a three-year world trip.

The Abbey is a wonderful day out for families to discover the changing colours of autumn and walk through its halls filled with more than eight centuries of history.

Devon hosts some of the top camping spots in the UK. Just prepare yourself to see the ghost of Sir Francis riding in a black coach across Dartmoor, being pulled by its fleet of headless horses.




Now it’s time to head to Wales on our spooky UK tour to this spectacularly beautiful country park. There are plenty of adventure activities to keep thrill-seekers busy and lots of incredible wildlife to spot on stunning hikes.

Just watch out as there are a few ghosts about! Feel the presence of grisly ancient monks at the Capel Mair ar y Bryn ruins or visit the grandiose gothic castle haunted by an unfairly murdered gamekeeper.

You might also hear the laughter of Victorian children's spirits or spot the blacksmith who wanders the grounds. Whether you have a spooky encounter or not, the Margam Abbey ruins are enough to send a shiver down your spine.

You’ll be glad to get back into your cosy home on wheels after a fright of this kind! Don’t forget to protect your valuable vehicle with motorhome insurance in the UK when travelling this October.




Is there anything scarier than a fleet of bloodthirsty Roman soldiers appearing out of nowhere? Accounts from Treasurer’s House report the sound of trumpets, plodding of horses, and rows of soldiers carrying their shields and swords emerging from the walls.

Archaeological research on the building discovered a Roman road once existed about 18 inches beneath the cellar floor.

York has long been a historian’s favourite, with the Jorvik museum and other old-time haunts for some fascinating days out.

If you’re prepared to come face to face with a Roman soldier, a trip to the city and walk around this gorgeous house and grounds should be on your to-do list this Halloween.




For centuries, this impressive house was home to Earls and Duchesses before welcoming the public inside its walls. One of the long line of Duchesses was the ruthless Elizabeth Murray who is said to have poisoned her husband just to improve her social status.

After a few years of wicked behaviour, it all caught up with the Duchess. She went through some financial struggles and locked herself in the ground floor apartment until she died, where some say she can still be seen today.

During the blitz in WWII, the estate suffered damage because it was close to an important aircraft factory.

Since then, the house has been restored to its original Jacobean glory and now takes visitors on nighttime ghost-hunting tours as well as being the set of many films and TV shows over the years.




If these fiendish locations have got you all excited for the ultimate scary Halloween in your motorhome, you’ll be eager to get behind the wheel and start your haunted holiday.

Before you get going, we have a few handy tips to make this the best autumn getaway in your home on wheels yet!


Keep warm inside your motorhome


2 people laying down in motorhome with fluffy socks on


Temperatures drop during this time of year, and a brisk walk in the outdoors or chill from a haunted house will make you more than ready to get into your warm motorhome.

Make sure you take plenty of warm blankets and pack your slippers, thick socks, and hot water bottle for cosy evenings indoors.

If your motorhome isn’t winterised with internal heating, take a small portable heater that’s safe if you leave it on overnight.

Fill your cupboards with warming foods and stock up on tea, coffee, and hot chocolate for a warming drink when you get inside.

Before you leave home, check all seals are tight and no draught can get in. Cover your front windscreen with a thermal layer and perhaps treat yourself to a heated duvet for when it gets extra chilly.


Stay safe on the road


Long nights and wet roads can make it difficult to drive during this time of year. Here are a few tips to stay safe behind the wheel and avoid an accident and having to claim on your motorhome insurance in the UK:

  • Check all your lights are working and fluids are topped up.
  • Remove any dried leaves and debris from your windscreen wipers and bonnet.
  • Use sunglasses in case of dazzle and slow down in tough conditions.
  • Make sure your tyres have enough tread (1.6mm is the legal minimum, but Kwik Fit recommend changing them if they go below 3mm).
  • Drive slowly – there’s more rain and fog this time of year, and as it gets colder, ice can form on especially chilly days.
  • Keep a safe distance between you and the car in front. Motorhomes take longer to slow down and stop than cars.
  • Plan stops along the way and share the driving – make sure everyone behind the wheel is on your motorhome insurance in the UK.


Add any final Halloween touches


If you’re venturing on a chilling trip this Halloween, why not go all out and make it the best fright fest possible in your home on wheels?

You can add a few Halloween decorations to your motorhome and even keep a bowl of sweets handy in case you’re on a campsite with little trick or treaters.

Some pumpkin or ghost string lights are a fantastic way to add a touch of scariness but also make you feel cosy.

Don’t forget to make a playlist of your favourite Halloween songs for the road trip and get a few scary films lined up for the ultimate movie night in. Stock up on ghoulish snacks and enjoy a midnight feast to something terrifying in the comfort of your motorhome.




The thrills and scares of these spooky locations can make for the perfect Halloween getaway in your home on wheels, but don’t forget to protect your vehicle before you leave home.

If you’re searching for motorhome insurance in the UK, come straight to the specialists at Motorhome Protect.

We can help you find the ideal insurance policy for you, which can include:

  • Cover for your vehicle up to £120,000
  • Unlimited mileage cover
  • Deals for club members
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  • Unlimited cover across the EU

Finding motorhome insurance in the UK needn’t be a nightmare! Contact the team at Motorhome Protect for a quick quote today.