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What Is Motorhome Insurance & why do I need Motorhome Insurance cover?

If you suffer from a severe case of wanderlust, there’s no better way to explore the world than from the comforts of your own motorhome. Would you like to have a full open road experience, but stay comfortable while you do that? A motorhome is the answer.

From unforgettable adventures along the European coast to exploring the UK’s lakes, motorhomes offer more holiday inspiration than any other vehicle. No wonder that their popularity is rising. They’re comfortable and cost-effective, making it possible for explorers to go literally where the road takes them.

But smart motorhome owners may also want to make sure that their vehicle is covered in case the unexpected happens. As specialists in motorhome cover, the policies we can arrange include the vehicle itself, as well as its contents, and ensures that your next trip is stress-free and more enjoyable than ever.

A motorhome is so much more than a vehicle and deserves the specialist insurance to protect its valuable contents. The motorhome insurance we can arrange can come with a range of benefits to help you make the most of your vacation.

Motorhome Insurance cover can include the following benefits:



Note that these features and benefits are subject to eligibility and underwriting criteria. Get in touch with us to see which features apply to your motorhome.

Get motorhome insurance cover and protect your home on wheels now.


Differences Between Motorhomes and Campervans

Motorhomes and campervans are slightly different and it’s a good idea to know their key differences before seeking motorhome insurance.

Motorhomes fall into 4 categories: coach-built, A-class, American ‘RV’ style, and race trucks. Motorhomes are designed for cruising around the country and provide all the comforts of a home.

They’re generally larger than campervans, and the driving cab is separated from the living space. Many motorhomes include far more advanced appliances than campervans such as full-sized ovens, fridges, and bathrooms.

Campervans, on the other hand, tend to be smaller than motorhomes. This means your driving space and living area are usually combined together. One of the most common examples of a campervan is the Volkswagen Camper. But campervans come in various shapes and sizes. Some of them even have a pop-up or high-top roof.

What type/how much cover within my insurance do I need?

If you’re looking to protect items such as your furniture, kitchen appliances, curtains, computers, etc. then comprehensive insurance usually covers you for your more valuable contents.

Some motorhome owners, however, may want to find a more affordable way to insure their motorhome and may not use their home away from home for long journeys which may affect the cost of your insurance.

If you don’t use your motorhome on a regular basis, you may consider getting a third party theft and fire (TPTF) or third party only (TPO) insurance policies.

These two types of insurance cover less than a fully comprehensive policy, but depending on your driving history and other factors that affect your quote, these types of insurance may come out as a more affordable option for you.

TPFT and TPO may not cover you for repairs and contents in relation to your motorhome. Before taking out an insurance policy, it is always a good idea to speak to a specialist or carefully read through what your policy covers and doesn’t cover.

It’s also not uncommon to drive your motorhome abroad. If you’re looking to take your motorhome to a different country for your holidays, you will also want to make sure that the insurance policy you’re looking at covers you when you’re driving abroad.

What are the main types of Motorhome cover & what do I look out for on my Motorhome insurance quote?

Just like most types of vehicle insurance, you have a few options of cover available to you. This typically depends on your level of usage e.g. your mileage per year and the type of travel you expect to be undertaking.

1. Social, domestic, and pleasure

Usually the most common type of vehicle insurance cover, social, domestic, and pleasure covers non-business related trips and your more ‘everyday’ type of travel.

If you’re looking to take your motorhome out for trips with the family e.g. visiting a camping ground or to go on long road trips, this will have you covered for this type of travel.

If you do use your motorhome for work, you will have to look into all of the insurance options available to you as social, domestic, and pleasure will not cover you for business trips.

2. Personal business use

You may rely on your motorhome for business uses such as events, meetings, or commuting to the workplace. If this is the case, then you may want to consider taking out an insurance policy for personal business use.

3. Commuting

Some Insurers will not cover you for travelling to and from your place of work whereas others will. Please make sure that when buying your insurance, you select the right level of use to suit your needs. This will mean that the Insurers who quote for you will include it and allow you to travel to and from your workplace, insured correctly on your policy.

What determines the cost of my motorhome insurance policy?

1. Mileage

If you’ve taken out an insurance policy before, you may be aware that choosing a lower annual mileage may provide you with a cheaper costing insurance policy.

Initially, when taking out your new policy or renewing an existing one, you will be asked how many miles you expect to travel throughout the duration of your policy. The lower your annual mileage, can mean that your monthly/yearly payments may be cheaper as well.

You may also have to show your insurer your current mileage by taking a photo of your odometer. For more information on how mileage can affect your insurance policy, please contact one of our insurance specialists on 01865 818 341.

2. Type of use/how you travel

If you’re using your motorhome for the odd family holiday and usually have it parked in the same spot for weeks or even months, you may benefit from cheaper insurance policies as a result.

Insurance policies typically get more expensive the more miles you ‘put on the clock’ or where you keep your vehicle. If you’re using your motorhome daily, then you will likely see an increased price in the motorhome insurance policies available to you compare to if you used your vehicle infrequently.

3. No-claims discount

If you’ve been driving for a while and have built up a no-claims discount by not claiming on your insurance, you can reduce your premiums.

Some insurers also don’t require you to have built up your no-claims discount on a motorhome as well. If you’ve not had any claims on your car insurance, for example, you may be able to bring this over to your new motorhome insurance policy and benefit from cheaper premiums when you go to cover your motorhome or campervan.

For more information and information on policies/motorhome breakdown cover, please contact one of our insurance specialists.

4. Modifications/special vehicles

If you’ve added modifications to your motorhome for aesthetic or other purposes, you may find that this will affect your premiums for your insurance policy.

Most insurers will prefer to insure motorhomes that haven’t been modified and you may find it more difficult to find insurance providers who will cover your modified vehicle.

If you do have a modified motorhome, we’re here to help! Tell us about your modifications and we’ll do our best to offer a motorhome insurance quote and policy that covers you for a wide range of benefits.

5. Third-party discounts

Being a part of a motorhome and caravan club can also be beneficial to you when it comes to taking out a new policy on your motorhome or looking for cover that suits your needs.

If you want to see what level of discount you are eligible for, take a look at The Caravan & Motorhome Club to see what may be available to you.

How do I get cheaper Motorhome Insurance?

If you’re looking to pay less for your motorhome insurance, follow our top tips to help reduce your premiums when looking to renew your existing policy or when you're getting new quotes.

1. Paying annually compared to monthly payments

Annual, up-front payments are usually cheaper than paying in monthly installments. 

2. Driving qualifications

Passing certain driving qualifications/courses may lead to discounted premiums. If you like to travel, or get out on the road whenever you can, this may be an option to consider when looking to reduce the cost of your motorhome insurance.

3. Safe parking

If you have the option of parking on a driveway or better yet, in a garage, you could save money on your motorhome insurance. Parking on a driveway or a garage is usually cheaper than roadside parking when you're looking to cover your motorhome or camper.

4. Remember what you already have covered/insured

If you already have breakdown cover with a different provider or on another policy, please check if you need to take out additional cover for your Motorhome. Some policies will cover any vehicle being driven by you, whereas others don’t. However, any cover you may have for breakdown elsewhere might not extend to covering a Motorhome. Please ensure you check this before purchasing breakdown cover.

Do I need Motorhome Insurance & Motorhome breakdown cover?

Just like when you’re driving a car, you are legally required to have car insurance. The same applies to motorhome insurance as well. It is also a legal requirement to have motorhome insurance. There are a few different types of policies that you can take out to cover your motorhome which we cover on this page.

There is no legal obligation to have breakdown cover, however, if you would rather have the peace of mind and protection of having roadside assistance if your motorhome were to break down, this may be of interest to you.

Breakdown cover may not be included within your insurance, and depending on the policy you take out, this may need to be acquired separately.

Wooded area with motorhome parked

What’s the average price/cost of Motorhome Insurance/how much does it cost to insure a Campervan or Motorhome?

There are a few factors that determine the cost of your motorhome insurance.

Variables such as mileage, modifications, your vehicle’s age, no-claims bonus, club discounts, and other personal details such as where you park your vehicle can have an effect on your insurance premiums.

To discuss your existing policy or to get a new quote, fill out our online form or talk to one of our motorhome insurance specialists.

Will my car insurance cover me when driving my Motorhome or do I need separate Motorhome Insurance cover?

If you own a Motorhome and wish to drive it, It is a legal requirement to have separate insurance in place for it, regardless of if you already have a car insurance policy or not.

Are my belongings already covered by my home contents insurance? 

Some contents in your motorhome or campervan may be covered but others may not be.

This is dependant on the items you're looking at having covered. Smaller items may be able to be covered, but larger 'white goods' may exceed your limit or may not be included at all.

Before taking out a policy, it may be a good idea to speak to one of our insurance specialists to discuss what belongings you would like to cover.

Fortunately, here at Motorhome Protect, we offer coverage of up to £3,500 for personal belongings.

Compare motorhome insurance:

If you would like to compare motorhome insurance policies or levels of insurance, you can fill out our online quote form or call us on 01865 818341

Pros of Motorhomes

Things to consider when choosing a motorhome over a campervan for life on the road:

  • More spacious for improved comfort levels
  • More storage capacity for a less minimalist lifestyle
  • Smaller models are easy to drive, park and don’t require digging holes at campsites
  • Better for families that require additional beds
  • Include toilets/shower wet rooms
  • Everything you need is available in one place
  • Additional modcons for a more luxurious experience including larger beds, full-sized fridges and TVs for some of those creature comforts

Have you got a campervan as well? Then it’s smart to get dedicated campervan insurance that will protect your vehicle while you enjoy the open road.