What should be in your motorhome first aid kit?

If you want to know what to pack in your motorhome first aid kit then read our handy guide. But providing emergency first aid is only part of how to prepare yourself for any eventuality. Having the right motorhome insurance in place helps to protect you, your home on wheels and other road users, too.

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UK’s best nature reserves

Throughout the year nature reserves in the UK offer fantastic wildlife viewing opportunities for the intrepid campervan traveller. From the epic journeys of winter migrant birds to rare flowering plants the UK is full of awe-inspiring wildlife.

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Why does my campervan smell?

When you’re settling down to sleep at night or sitting down for lunch there are few things worse than wondering ‘what is that awful smell?’ If you need some help identifying the causes of these pongs and how to get rid of them, then read our guide to campervan smells.

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