Top BBQ tips for campervan owners

One of the joys of camp life is cooking outdoors and the most popular way to do so is on a BBQ. But barbecuing on the open road isn’t quite the same as at home. So, the team at Motorhome Protect has put together these top BBQ tips for campervan owners to get you started.

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Top tips for driving a classic campervan

After packing your beach gear and planning your route, you’ll need to climb behind the wheel for the first time. At which point you’ll realise driving this type of classic is not as simple as your modern family car.

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Do you need a dash cam in your motorhome?

With dash cams proving so popular among UK drivers, these technological marvels could be a great addition to your motorhome travels. Not only will they record those stunning drives but also any accidents along the way.

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