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Why these creative campervan storage ideas are useful for your living space

Creating an efficient space in your motorhome is about more than just comfort or aesthetics. It's about making your life easier and more enjoyable during your travels. With a well-organised and efficient use of space, you'll spend less time rummaging around looking for that elusive kitchen utensil or pair of hiking boots, and more time soaking up the beautiful scenery outside your window.


Being efficient with space is important for you because it can also improve safety in your motorhome. Cluttered spaces can be hazardous while on the move. Loose items can quickly become projectiles if you need to brake suddenly or if there's an accident. By efficiently using your space, you can ensure that everything has its place, reducing the risk of injury.


An efficient use of space can also help reduce stress levels. A cluttered environment often leads to a cluttered mind. By creating a sense of order and calm within your motorhome, you're setting the stage for more relaxed and enjoyable travels.


Finally, being space-efficient can also have financial benefits. By maximising the use of available space, you may find that you don't need as large (or expensive) a motorhome as you first thought. This could result in significant cost savings both in terms of initial outlay and ongoing running costs.


Utilising kitchen space efficiently

The kitchen is often the heart of a motorhome, but it can also be one of the most challenging areas to organise. Here are some ideas to help you maximise your kitchen storage space.


Savvy storage jars

Aesthetically pleasing and practical, mason jars are an excellent solution for dry storage. They can hold coffee, spices, flour, sugar, and more, while their clear glass design makes it easy to identify what's inside. Secure the mason jar lids to the bottom of a kitchen cabinet for easy access.


Wall-mounted kitchen cooking utensils

A magnetic knife rack is not only stylish but also a practical solution for storing your kitchen knives. Try using vertical space to mount on a wall or the side of a cabinet, your knives will be organised, easily accessible, and out of the reach of little hands.


Optimising narrow spaces

For those awkward, narrow small spaces in your kitchen, consider installing a slide-out pantry. This compact storage solution can house your dry goods and is convenient to access, making the most of every inch of your motorhome kitchen.


Butcher's block sink

When counter space is at a premium, a butcher's block sink can be a lifesaver. This clever kitchen feature combines a cutting board with a sink, providing extra worktop space for meal preparation. Plus, it often comes with under-board storage for knives and utensils, increasing its utility.


Organising shoes and clothes

Keeping clothes and shoes organised in a motorhome can be a challenge. Here are some campervan storage solutions for storing clothes and shoes.


Footwear solutions

Shoe racks are a simple yet effective solution for keeping your footwear organised. Wall-mounted or over-the-door shoe racks can save floor space and maintain cleanliness, especially after outdoor adventures.


Clothes storage

A clothes closet might seem like a luxury in a motorhome, but it doesn’t have to be. Utilising tall and narrow spaces to hang your clothes can keep them dry, wrinkle-free, and easily reachable. This can be particularly useful for items you wear regularly.


Getting the most out of tables and chairs

Tables and chairs in motorhomes must be versatile within your narrow space. Here are some ways to ensure they serve multiple purposes.


Swivel tables

Lagun swivel tables are a great idea and highly versatile which can be easily moved around to meet your needs. When not in use, these tables can be neatly tucked away to save space.


Hidden surfaces

Slide-out tables are a great solution for creating extra surface area when needed. When not in use, they can be tucked away, keeping your motorhome spacious and clutter-free.


Couch storage

If your motorhome has bench seats, consider using the space inside for storage. You can keep extra items like blankets, pillows, and even gadgets securely stored and out of sight yet easily accessible.


Hidden bedding compartments

Consider storing your bedding in large accent cushions. These cushions can unzip to reveal a storage space for blankets and duvets, offering a clever and stylish way to maximise motorhome storage space.


Overhead storage ideas

Look up, and you'll see a wealth of potential storage space. Here are some ways to use the overhead space in your motorhome effectively.


Overhead cabinets

Overhead cabinets offer extensive storage space for your essentials. Running lengthwise down your motorhome, they can house kitchen items, clothing, personal items, and more.



Netting affixed to your motorhome's interior can offer additional overhead storage. Cheap, easy to install, and flexible, netting can hold a variety of items, from clothes to sports gear.


Partition storage

The bulkhead, the partition separating the back of your motorhome from the cab, can be a valuable storage asset. Installing cabinets in this space can yield extra storage without sacrificing head space.


Overhead shelving

Overhead shelves can provide as much storage as cabinets, while keeping the interior of your motorhome feeling more open. Just ensure your belongings are secured to prevent them from falling out while driving.


Storage below the line

Don't overlook the space below your line of sight. There are many ways to maximise this often-underutilised storage area with clever storage solutions.


Undercover storage

A raised floor can offer hidden storage compartments accessible through hatches. This is an easy way to add a substantial amount of storage to your motorhome while keeping your valuables hidden.


Beyond the interior


Not all storage needs to be inside your motorhome. Consider these external storage solutions to maximise your small living space. If you're also interested in adding smart gadgets to your motorhome, find our recommendations to level up your space.


Roof racks and boxes

Roof racks and boxes are excellent additions for storing larger outdoor equipment like kayaks, surfboards, or bicycles. They offer extra storage without taking up space inside your motorhome.


Backdoor storage

Installing storage pockets on the inside of your motorhome's back doors can offer more space for items like shower supplies, books, or chargers. It's a great way to use an often-overlooked area.


Essential accessories for campervan storage

Finally, here are some key accessories that can help you maximise space. For more accessories, check out our useful guide for your first motorhome.


Collapsible Tupperware

Collapsible Tupperware can save a significant amount of space in your kitchen cabinets. They're perfect for storing leftover food or packing meals for a day out.


Space saver bags

Space saver bags can reduce the volume of your clothing, freeing up storage space. They're ideal for clothes you don't use daily or for rotating your wardrobe seasonally.


Magnetic strips

Magnetic strips can be used for more than just knives. They can hold any metal utensil, from spatulas to tongs, helping to keep your kitchen organised.


Paper towel holder

A paper towel holder can keep your paper towels off the counter and out of the way. Install it under a cabinet or on a wall for easy access.


Shoe organiser

Shoe organisers can keep your shoes off the floor and in one place. They can be hung behind a door or on a wall, saving valuable floor space.


Magnetic spice rack

A magnetic spice rack can keep your spices organised and accessible. Install it on a wall or under a cabinet to save counter space.



Hooks can be used to hang anything from coats to bags. Install them on the walls or doors of your motorhome for easy access and to keep your space tidy.


Storage bins

Storage bins can be used to organise and store various items. They can be stacked to maximise space and keep your motorhome organised.


Packing cubes

Packing cubes can help organise your clothes and make them easy to find. They can reduce the volume of your clothing, freeing up valuable additional storage space.


Fruit hammock

A fruit hammock can keep your fruits and vegetables off the counter and in one place. It can also provide them with the necessary airflow to stay fresh.


Mesh bags

Storage nets can be used to store and organise various items. They can be hung on the walls or doors of your motorhome, saving valuable extra storage space.


In the end, maximising your motorhome storage space is all about creativity and efficient use of every nook and cranny. With these tips and tricks, you can make the most of your small space and enjoy a clutter-free motorhome lifestyle.


Protect your motorhome

As you embark on your next adventure, remember to protect your investment Start your adventure today! Call us now on 01865 818341 or click here for a motorhome insurance quote. Travelling in a motorhome is not just about the destination, but also the journey. By utilising these campervan storage hacks, you can focus more on the adventure and less on the clutter. So start planning, start organising, and good luck on that road trip.