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Once you’ve finally got your hands on the keys to your motorhome, you’ll want to make it feel that bit more homely. A great way to do this is to add some items to make your trip comfortable, convenient and fun! Read our ultimate list of the best motorhome and camping accessories to invest in for the 2022 season and get rolling today.

There may be some cool accessories, gorgeous gadgets and fun toys on this list, but don’t forget to grab yourself some motorhome insurance before you set off. It can help shoulder the cost of breakdowns, theft or accidents. Call the Motorhome Protect team today for a quick quote.

USB Diffuser

Who needs gadgets?

Yes, we know there’s a lot to be said for hanging out in nature, getting back to a simpler approach to adventure. We get it! But when you’re living in a small space you really don’t have the luxury of bringing everything you could ever want with you. Overloading your motorhome is one of the quickest ways to have an accident! But wouldn’t it be nice to be able to add just a little more comfort or tech to your camping kit?

We think the brands behind the motorhome and camping accessories below have used innovative technology and practical thinking to produce accessories well worth the hype. Practical pieces that even the most back-to-basics tourer would be pleased to add to their camping checklist.

You’ll find a few of our top motorhome and camping accessory picks below. But remember to check your motorhome insurance is up to date before you start preparing for your next big adventure.

  1. Scrubba Travel Washing Machine

Yes, you might have thought we’d kick things off with some high-tech piece of kit but you’d be wrong. As anyone who has ever spent more than a short weekend in a motorhome knows, no list of touring accessories would be complete without something to deal with the laundry. Let’s face it, no one likes their clothes to pong, and paying for laundry at a campsite can soon eat into your travelling budget!

The Scrubba collection of wash bags all work in essentially the same way – they’re a modern take on the old-fashioned washboard. Simply chuck your clothes in the bag with some detergent and water, scrub hard for a couple of minutes, drain and rinse a few times, and hey presto! Clean clothes ready to be hung out to dry. Saving you time, money, water and valuable space in your van.

  1. Camping washing line

If you’re looking for a decent place to hang your washing then the top pick from Campfire magazine is the Toctax Camping Washing Line.

  1. Microfibre towels

While using sumptuously fluffy towels from home is tempting, if you don’t dry them properly then they’ll soon create an all-mighty smell of funk in your motorhome.

So, take a bow, quick-drying microfibre towels! Super-absorbent when needed but with the ability to dry in no time these are a must-buy. They’re pretty inexpensive and can be found all over the place, including big camping stores like Mountain Warehouse.

  1. USB diffuser

If you’ve ever stepped back into your motorhome and noticed a nasty odour, it might not be because your home on wheels needs an airing. Spending hours in such a small space can have that effect.

There are lots of reasons why your motorhome might smell and plenty of ways to deal with nasty niffs, as we discuss elsewhere on our blog. From regular cleaning and good ventilation there’s plenty you can do. But one of our favourite ideas is to get yourself a USB diffuser. These plug directly into a USB outlet (or power bank if you don’t have a USB outlet) and burn essential oils to keep your van smelling lovely and fresh.

The tech experts over at T3 recommend This Works Travel Diffuser as the best compact diffuser for travellers.

  1. Dustpan and brush

From the high-tech to the very low-tech, a humble handheld broom is probably the best way to keep on top of gravel, mud, grass or other organic debris finding its way into your beloved motorhome. There’s a really cute dustpan and brush recommended by Alesha and Jarryd over at their #vanlife blog. Say goodbye to worrying about stepping on something nasty when you get out of bed at night!

  1. Outdoor shower

While most modern motorhomes feature showers as standard, this might not be the case for your beloved home on wheels. So, a portable shower could be a great solution for any off-grid body washing needs in 2022. The Best Reviewer site features some of the best camping showers worth considering.

  1. Fire extinguisher, fire blanket, smoke alarm, Carbon Monoxide detector

Okay, these are a bit more than simple accessories you might like to add to your camping set up – they’re essentials! Unfortunately, every year in the UK, life changing injuries and even deaths result from burns, fires and carbon monoxide poisoning while people are camping. Don’t add your name to the statistics. Invest in these essential safety items today. They really could save your life.

RoSPA, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, has lots of invaluable information on its website on how to protect yourself while camping. Having motorhome insurance is a good way to at least protect yourself from the financial fallout from a fire.

  1. Paracord survival bracelet

We don’t know about you, but anything that makes us feel more like Ray Mears or Bear Grylls when in the great outdoors is something worth considering. Having a paracord survival bracelet on your wrist means you’ve always got vital survival gear as close to hand as possible.

There are some great five-in-one bracelets on Etsy that contain a fire starter, a basic compass, a loud emergency whistle, an emergency knife/saw, and 10 feet of military-grade paracord. Being prepared for any unforeseen threats to your safety is a good idea if things take a wrong turn in 2022!

If you still need convincing, then read this article on the 10 ways a survival bracelet could save your life. Snaring a 14-foot alligator anyone? Hopefully, not in the Cairngorms!

  1. Head torch

Until you’re out in the countryside far from the lights of town and city you really don’t know quite how dark the night can get! Find your way in even the most pitch-black conditions with a head torch. Make falling into ditches or tripping over guy-lines a thing of the past with one of these great head torches rounded up by The Independent. Whether you need to light up a mountain trail or sort out your sleeping bag, they're fit for any night-time adventure and an absolute bargain.

  1. Reversing camera

Motorhomes are large vehicles and if you’re more used to driving a regular family car then manoeuvring them can be very tricky. To help you out, many manufacturers now feature reversing cameras as standard on some new models, such as the beautifully compact Roller Team Zefiro 665. But for those who haven’t bought one of the best new motorhomes for 2021 and 2022, you might need to add one to your kit for 2022.

Even if you have motorhome insurance, guarding against bumps and scrapes is an important part of getting around in your van. Investing in a reversing camera will undoubtedly save you much hassle when trying to get yourself out of a tight spot.

  1. Folding shovel     

The humble shovel – we’ve all got one at home in the garden shed but do we have one in our motorhome packing list? Unfortunately, you’ll never know you need one until you do. Take a look at this selection of the coolest folding shovels available and decide which one is right for you. Completely collapsible and lightweight, there’ll be no problem packing one away. And they can be an absolute lifesaver for digging fire pits, foraging, mud shovelling and a whole host of other situations. Do we really have to choose only one?

  1. E-Bike

Taking along an electric bike on your next motorhome adventure would be so 2022! Getting on your bike when touring is a great way to open up a whole new world of freedom and adventure. And it’s great for your fitness, too. Just make sure you get a good bike rack to go with it, and motorhome insurance that will cover such valuable contents. Wondering which electric bike to buy? Well we’ve got a guide just right for you!


  1. Portable pressure washer

When you start looking at bikes then other accessories are not far behind. How about a compact and portable bike pressure washer like this one to clean off any mud from your beloved bikes? It’s also gentle enough to help with cleaning your motorhome exterior, and even give your children’s wellies a rinse.

  1. GPS tracker

The risk of theft is often a reason why owners are so keen to invest in motorhome insurance. But it’s also wise to put thieves off in the first place, particularly when you’re carrying desirable items like e-bikes. A useful device to add to your security armoury is the iTrack mini GPS tracker. This clever device is ideal for monitoring the whereabouts of your motorhome, e-bike, family members or anything else you want to keep a track of.

  1. Portable BBQ and/or firepit

All campers love a good fire when allowed. Invest in a portable BBQ or firepit and you’ll be able to make the most of those occasions when you can safely have a campfire. The bush camping enthusiasts at Outdoor Magic have reviewed an excellent range of portable firepits. Just take your pick and you’ll be roasting marshmallows in no time.

  1. Camping chairs

Miss your comfy sofa when you’re sitting around the roaring camp fire? Don't despair, if you choose wisely you can bring one with you. Check out these camping chairs reviewed by the consumer champions at Which?. We’re seriously tempted by the idea of a reclining camping arm chair, but the King Size Moonchair also looks good. Some even have a holder for your beer! What more could you wish for in the great outdoors?

  1. Hammock

When it comes to life in a motorhome, there are few better feelings than kicking back in a beautiful spot and admiring the world around you from the comfort of a hammock. There are plenty of excellent lightweight hammocks on the market that pack down to virtually nothing.

All you need to do is find two sturdy trees to hang it up between. If you really can’t bear to be away from your travel partner then we like the DoubleNest Hammock from ENO.

  1. Levelling blocks

It doesn’t matter how luxurious your motorhome set up is, if you’re camping on uneven ground then cooking, sleeping and even relaxing could prove tricky. Levelling blocks will fix the problem in a jiffy. They’re light, robust and easy to store, and they’re also inexpensive, costing from just £20 online. What’s not to like?

  1. Black-out curtains

Investing in a set of good quality black-out curtains will help preserve your privacy and keep your motorhome as dark as possible when sleeping. A wise investment indeed.

  1. Anti-mosquito kit

Biting bugs are an unfortunate part of outdoor life, particularly when you’re camping near water. Stop your peaceful fireside evening turning into an itchy hell by investing in an anti-mosquito kit. From mosquito repellent bands and citronella diffusers to electric plug-ins, you can’t take too many precautions when making yourself unappetising to such critters.

  1. Collapsible food and water bowls for your canine friends

Taking your dog on your motorhome holiday is sure to keep everyone in the family happy. After all, is it really fair for you to leave your faithful pup behind while the rest of you are off on an exciting adventure? However, as pet lovers ourselves we know our four-legged friends take some looking after.

To make the best use of space for all their kit, try one of these brilliant travel dog bowls recommended by the canine reviewers at DogLab. They all pack down well, are sturdy when in use and come in different sizes and materials depending on your pooch. Whether they’re made from silicone or from waterproof fabric, they can all be used for water as well as food. And they’re really easy to clean.

While many UK campsites are dog-friendly it’s always best to double-check before you set off. You’ll also want to find out if there are any special rules or facilities in place. From arranging motorhome insurance to booking camp sites, there’s plenty to do before a motorhome adventure!

  1. Dog bed for camping

Planning on taking your dog on the next camping adventure? Well, just as you love a restful night’s sleep, so do they! A packable camping bed for your precious pup is an essential accessory if you want to keep that tail wagging.

The Make Adventure Happen blog recommends a number of different dog beds worth checking out. Lightweight but comfortable, waterproof, and great for different environments, our favourite is the Kurgo Waterproof Dog Bed.

  1. Portable coffee maker

If you’re anything like us then the idea of tackling the day ahead without a decent cup of coffee will bring you out in a cold sweat! For the perfect brew while camping you’ll want to pack one of these small, compact gadgets. Coffee aficionados can be a picky lot, so you won’t be surprised to hear there are some seriously excellent machines on the market offering barista-quality coffee while travelling.

We like the Aeropress Go. It takes up hardly any room at all, is made of durable plastic, and makes delicious espresso, American and cold brew coffees in a matter of minutes. Buying one for your motorhome really is a no brainer!

  1. Bluetooth speakers

Whether your kids want to listen to their favourite audiobook before bedtime, or you want to put on some great tunes to get the party started, a portable Bluetooth speaker is a worthwhile investment for any motorhome fan.

If you really want to save space and impress fellow tourers then the Colman 360° Sound & Light LED Lantern could be the one for you. With an integrated Bluetooth speaker and high, medium and low light settings it’ll soon become a must-pack on all of your camping trips.

  1. Motorhome insurance

With all these great accessories packed into your motorhome then you’ll need motorhome insurance to take care of any accidents along the way. Covering camping personal effects for up to £3,500 is definitely a benefit worth looking out for, and something we can offer here at Motorhome Protect.

  1. Kitchen collapsibles

Anything collapsible is always worth considering when it comes to making the best of your limited kitchen space in a motorhome. From collapsible sinks and bowls to kettles and strainers, there are so many to tempt the discerning camper.

When searching for good ones from camping stores, look out for heat-resistant items built from BPA-free silicone. Camping website Go Outdoors has a great range to choose from.

  1. Milenco BC Lock

With the popularity of motorhomes soaring in recent years there’s no question that motorhome security has become increasingly important. After all, they’re very desirable vehicles and vulnerable to theft and damage if not properly protected.

That’s why when choosing the best motorhome gadget at the Practical Motorhome Awards 2022 the judges awarded the top prize to the Milenco BC Lock. With robust build quality and an excellent design which renders the brake and clutch pedals inoperative, it’s the only pedal-locking device on the market that’s both Sold Secure Gold approved (the toughest security rating) and recommended by the Police.

So, what do you think of our pick of the 27 accessories worth investing in for 2022? Which do you think you’ll put onto your shopping list for next season? If you have any further suggestions then let us know and we’ll get them added to the list.

From bikes and BBQs to the motorhome itself, you’ll want to protect your precious possessions both on and off site with motorhome insurance from Motorhome Protect.

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