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Getting outdoors is perhaps the biggest reason to head out in your motorhome during the warm summer months.

But when you’re parked up in an ideal location and looking forward to a restful holiday, danger isn’t the first thing on your mind.

Unfortunately, no matter how stunning or peaceful the spot and how perfect the weather might be, you might need to take some extra precautions at this time of year.

While you’ll have motorhome insurance to protect your home on wheels, it always makes sense to stay alert to other risks.

The team at Motorhome Protect have flagged five seasonal risks you need to be aware of before heading off on your next adventure.


  1. Sun and heat

Hopefully we can all look forward to some hot summer days, but when it’s too hot for too long there are some significant health risks.

According to Public Health England the summer heatwaves of 2019 resulted in 900 extra deaths in England alone.

The usual risks from sun and heat include dehydration, heat exhaustion and heat stroke and sunburn.

To avoid burning, apply sunscreen (and reapply throughout the day) and wear a wide-brimmed hat.

Heat can pose a danger especially if you’ve been out walking or cycling. So, make sure to stay hydrated, and take breaks in the shade whenever possible.

If anyone complains of headaches or muscle cramps it could mean they’re dehydrated. Have them rest and drink lots of water.

Heat exhaustion and the more deadly heat stroke can also result from dehydration and must be treated as an emergency.

The NHS says to look out for warning signs including high temperature, dizziness and confusion, excessive sweating and cramps.

An ice cream cone melting in-front of a beach

  1. Water

Water safety needs to be at the top of anyone’s mind during the warmer months, particularly as many of our favourite sites are beautifully located nearby lakes, reservoirs, rivers or streams.

With their cool, clear water these may look safe and enticing but they can be hazardous.

Take even more care if your group includes children – a young child can drown in less than 5cm of water.

Never leave a child unattended even for a moment. Swimming pools or hot tubs on site can be equally dangerous as a campsite may not have a lifeguard on duty at all times.

Swimmers should keep a few safety precautions in mind:

  • Don't go in the water unless you know how to swim.
  • Never swim alone.
  • Learn rescue techniques.
  • Make sure the body of water matches your skill level; swimming in a pool is different to swimming in a lake or river, where more strength is needed.
  • If you get caught in a current, don't panic; remain calm and float with it, or swim parallel to the shore until you can swim free.
  • Swim in areas where there’s lifeguards.
  • Don't dive in unfamiliar areas.
  • Never drink alcohol when swimming.


  1. Bites, stings and rashes

If you love the outdoors then you’re probably used to being bitten, stung and suffering from the occasional rash.

In the UK most insect bites or stings are annoying but not dangerous – unless you suffer from an extreme reaction or the wound gets infected.

However, it’s always best to remove a tick if it attaches itself to you, your child or your pet since some ticks carry Lyme Disease.

Use one of the many sprays, lotions or creams to repel biting insects in the first place.

Plants can also pose a risk to your health beyond the usual hayfever.

While plants like Wolfsbane, Deadly Nightshade and Hemlock are well known poisonous plants watch out for the Giant Hogweed.

This plant has been called the ‘most dangerous plant’ in Britain and can cause severe boils and burns on the skin.

It also looks very similar to cow parsley so could easily be mistaken for its less toxic relation.

A bee pollinating a flower

  1. Fires and barbeques

Warm summer evenings are just the time for a barbeque or a campfire but unfortunately these can bring with them a fair amount of risk.

Not only can unattended barbeques or fires get out of control (particularly in dry weather) they continue to cause a danger long after use.

Hot coals and highly poisonous Carbon Monoxide (CO) gas can present a risk for many hours afterwards.

Along with motorhome insurance it’s essential to have CO detectors and fire safety equipment close at hand for emergency use.


  1. Motorhome theft

With the popularity of UK staycations on the rise, motorhomes have unfortunately become more attractive to thieves.

The summer months can be a busy time for thefts both of motorhomes but also of their contents.

While leaving windows or doors open can help with air circulation in hot weather, you could be leaving yourself open to an expensive visit.

Experts recommend securing motorhomes with steering locks, alarms, security film for windows and tracking devices.

Make sure you have adequate motorhome insurance before you leave home to cover your vehicle and valuables.

A person holding the keys to a vehicle with the steering wheel dashboard in-front

  1. Traffic accidents

Contrary to popular belief, while driving through harsh winter conditions might seem more intimidating summer time is actually the worst for dodgy driving.

With an increase in speeding on motorways and more accidents with pedestrians, cyclists and other motorists there are a number of reasons why driving in summer months is riskier.

Greater road congestion with more holidaymakers on unfamiliar roads, more drivers tempted to drink alcohol and excess heat causing dehydration and driver fatigue can all make for a dangerous combination.

And if you have children, the RAC warns they’re at greater danger near roads on longer, warmer summer days as opposed to the shorter, colder days of winter.


Protecting your motorhome

Whatever the seasonal risks you encounter, the dedicated team at Motorhome Protect will do their best to protect you and your treasured vehicle.

Policies arranged by us can come with a number of benefits including unlimited cover across all countries that are part of the EU and cover for motorhomes with a value of up to £150,000.

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