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With supplies stored safely away and motorhome cover in hand, heading off on an adventure in your first motorhome is an amazing feeling. And one you’ll remember for many years to come.

Unfortunately, the experience of your first morning shower doesn’t always live up to that promise.

Indeed, some new owners end up abandoning the idea of using the motorhome’s shower except in emergencies. With the space becoming a glorified storage cupboard it’s a waste of a fantastic resource!

As many long-time motorhome enthusiasts know, showering in such a small space doesn’t have to be a trial.

Indeed, having a shower with warm water, no matter how confined, is an amazing luxury many would find hard to give up.

Rather than trekking over to a shared block in your flip flops, a shower in the comfort of your motorhome is definitely worth having.

Not only is it a great way to maintain social distancing but it also creates the feeling you’re travelling in a home away from home.

Follow these 10 top tips and you’ll be enjoying the pleasures of showering in your motorhome in no time!


Tip 1: Conserve water supplies

If you’re used to a 20-minute showering extravaganza at home you’re going to be disappointed.

Just a few minutes of constant showering will easily drain all your hot water (typically just 10 litres) plus much of the main water tank.

A better idea is to wet your hair and body with the shower then switch it off to use the soap, shampoo and scrub.

Then switch it back on to rinse. With a limited water supply it’s all about conservation. That said, there should be enough hot water for two.

A drainage pipe on the bottom of a motorhome

Tip 2: Watch gas consumption

If you’re parked up at a campsite with an electric hook-up then your water boiler should run off the mains electricity.

However, if you’re off grid then heating shower water will use valuable gas. Heating water for a shower usually takes around 20 minutes before you’re good to go.


Tip 3: Protect the shower base

The base of your shower will not be quite as hardy as what you’re used to at home.

A common cause of damage is where an owner has stored water and waste containers in the shower while travelling.

Unfortunately, driving over bumps means these containers can often crash down on the shower base leading to cracks and damage.


Tip 4: Don’t get caught short

Staying at a site with a water hook-up is a great benefit but many don’t have these.

If you’re not on a fully serviced pitch then you’ll want to start thinking about your morning shower the night before. Make sure your water tank is full and your waste water tank is emptied.

That way you’ll be ready to go first thing in the morning. No one wants to run out of water or have waste water overflowing half way through a shower!

A water fill up point on a motorhome

Tip 5: Hit the right temperature

Motorhomes have a limited amount of hot water tank capacity on board.

To make the hot water last as long as possible many motorhome owners set the water temperature on its hottest setting.

They then use the mixer tap to introduce cold water to achieve the right temperature.


Tip 6: Don’t let low pressure get you down

One of the main reasons owners often abandon showering in their motorhome is due to inadequate water pressure.

While motorhome showers are never going to reach the standards of many home showers, if yours is just a trickle then there should be something you can do.

Checking your pump, looking for pipe blockages or even just changing your shower head can all change your whole outlook on showering in your motorhome.


Tip 7: Pack light and use clever storage

Weight and space is always at a premium in motorhomes and your shower room is a good place to make savings.

As well as being super light, microfibre towels cut down on storage space and dry quicker than normal towels from home. Say goodbye to that whiffy wet towel smell wafting around your living space!

Avoid taking large bottles of shower gel and shampoo on your trip. Instead look to take just as much as you need in travel-size containers.

Take a look at Pinterest too, there are lots of great storage hacks you could use to make your shower more user-friendly.

A shower head running water

Tip 8: Act fast on leaks

While motorhome shower bases should be able to take some punishment they can be prone to damage and leaking over time. And if you don’t notice your shower base leaking then the damage can become quite serious.

If you notice your shower is leaking then act fast to repair it. You might be able to patch it up or it might require a whole new base. Either way acting sooner rather than later is a good way to stop problems from getting worse.

Having the best motorhome insurance in place means you’ll be able to act fast when damage occurs rather than leaving it until it’s too late.


Tip 9:  Keep cleaning gentle

Motorhome showers are usually made of plastic that doesn’t react well to harsh chemicals (in particular those which are bleach-based).

Try to slow any degradation by using eco-friendly chemicals which are gentler both on your shower as well as the environment.


Tip 10: Deal with nasty whiffs

Particularly in warm weather you might find an unpleasant pong developing in the bathroom.

Pouring a couple of cups of water down the shower drain will top up the waste pipe and could stop smells coming back up from the waste tank.


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