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With more choice than ever in the market, it can be overwhelming when you start looking for your new motorhome. With decades of development and innovation (the first motorhome was introduced in the 1910s) there are many different designs and options available.​

In Part 1, we'll guide you through the types of motorhomes available.


Types of Motorhome

Coming in all different shapes and sizes, here are a few of the main types:


A-class motorhomes

Similar to the American recreation vehicle (RV), these are the most spacious type of motorhome in the UK as the cab can integrate into the rest of the vehicle – a great benefit to those that want to maximise available space. A typical space saving feature are drop-down beds. Learn more about the other motorhome and campervan class types elsewhere on our blog.


Coach-built motorhome

These are the most common motorhomes and make great use of available space with beds in the over-cab space. Lower in price than the A-class - they usually have fewer luxury features, so best for a more affordable budget option and since they are common also give a fair re-sale value. With the over-cab space utilised, it has a less aerodynamic design which incur extra fuel costs which some may see as a disadvantage.



Much smaller in size (easier to drive and park) and generally either have a high roof and a rising top. Ensure you check the rising roof top before buying - it can affect the insulation as it can render heat-loss.


Micro motorhome

A micro motorhome is more like a van with the characteristics of a coach-built. It is easy to drive and is perfect for one or two people. The cab area is mostly integrated with the lounge. It has only the basic cooking facilities and a there is only a small portable toilet and a small cupboard.



If budget is not an issue then the A-class motorhome is indeed the best out there with all the luxuries of a home. On the downside it can be more expensive than the other options, and fuel consumption can be higher.

Crucially some of them may weigh more than 3.5 tonnes so you must have the proper license to use an A class. The normal UK driving license won't cut it for vehicles more than 3.5 tonnes.


Motorhome Insurance

Remember, a motorhome is a roadworthy vehicle so whichever option you choose - it is a legal requirement to have motorhome insurance. It is a home away from home after all. Click here to get a motorhome insurance quote and read more, or speak to a member of our friendly team today on 01865 818 341.