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Whether we like it or not, there are times when we simply can’t travel in our campervans. And while they might look sad sitting stationary on our driveways, there are still many fun things that they can be used for.

We’ve listed some of the most common alternative uses for your campervan below but remember, it’s still a good idea to have insurance for your campervan in place to protect you from accident or theft even if you’re not out on the road.


Mobile classroom

Turn your campervan into a makeshift classroom and make home-schooling a little bit more fun.

Whether you’ve taken your children out of school permanently or just want a cool space for them to do their homework, a campervan can make a great learning environment.

Swap the usual camping equipment for books, games and teaching resources and you’ll be up and running in no time.

It’s not only younger children who’ll benefit, if you’ve an older child back from university or who’s studying for exams a campervan can make a useful quiet study space.

A campervan interior with a book and laptop on a table set up for learning


If space is at a premium in your house or you’re simply trying to stem the avalanche of toys taking over your living room, why not utilise the campervan as a fun playroom.

Your house will feel less cluttered and perhaps a bit quieter if you let the children have free reign in the campervan.

Just make sure they’re supervised at all times and your campervan insurance is in place.


Craft and activity room

Some parents can baulk at the idea of making arts and crafts in the house. PVA glue and glitter does have a tendency to get everywhere after all!

If you aren’t too precious then putting down newspaper or old sheets in your campervan will help protect surfaces and keep any mess confined to one space.

And if you have an onboard oven or hob, then cooking and baking can also be on the cards.


An escape

Sometimes you might just need some adult-only time away and if you haven’t got a shed or greenhouse to retreat to, a campervan can make the perfect second choice.

Even if you’re not up for a bit of quiet meditation, if you’re well stocked with tea and biscuits and a couple of good books or a sewing basket, half an hour of peace and quiet in the van can do wonders for your mental health.

A woman sitting in the back of a campervan on the bed relaxing with fairy lights surrounding the rear door

Home office

An office isn’t quite the purpose the engineers who designed campervans had in mind – so you might need to get some inspiration to make the space fit to work in.

Setting up internet access and creating a workspace are essential items to tick off the to-do list. And if you’re keeping expensive office equipment in the van be sure to check your campervan insurance covers it for theft.


Try wild camping

If you're lucky enough to keep your campervan near home, why not try wild camping on your driveway.

It’s the perfect time to see how well your setup would manage if you went off-grid while out and about. For example, when you’re not plugged into an electric hook-up what can/can't you do?

Better to realise now that running your large kettle, hairdryer and fancy toaster will not be possible if you’re out in the wild.

It's also good to feel like you're going somewhere, even when you can't. You can have a barbeque, sleep in the van, sit out and look at the stars – exactly like you would on holiday.

But you don’t even need to stay the night – a campervan can make a great venue for a family celebration or a romantic meal when you can’t go elsewhere. Sometimes, that small change can be enough until your next trip.


Shopping trips

Using your campervan for your weekly shopping trip could do wonders for your engine, battery, brakes, tyres and even the ventilation system.

A drive of a couple of miles will help move oil around the gearbox and get your brakes used.

Before you leave check your destination regarding height barriers or other size restrictions. This is especially important at supermarkets, which often have height barriers.

A red campervan parked in the car park of a supermarket on a sunny day

General maintenance

A period of downtime at home can be a great time to get some of those essential maintenance jobs ticked off the list.

  • Review your campervan security. Ask yourself whether your van is well protected both while it’s at home and while you’re out and about. Is there anything you could do to make it less attractive to passing criminals? Do you carry adequate security devices and do you have a way to secure valuables if you go for a long hike? Reviewing these could help you make savings on your campervan insurance.
  • Make repairs. Anything in the van that squeaks or rattles – fix it. Anything that’s broken or loose needs to be replaced or fixed. Anything that keeps hitting your head, whacking your knees or trapping your fingers needs sorting. Your travelling life will be much better once you do this.
  • Spring clean. Take the time to have a good sort out and clean. Remove everything from the van and sort through each item to decide whether it’s essential. Everything in your campervan takes up space and adds weight. So, get rid of anything superfluous. Anything broken needs to be properly fixed or thrown away – so bin those chipped mugs. Then clean everything – front to back and top to bottom – and replace all the items (hopefully in the handiest places).


Protect your home on wheels

In preparation for heading back on to the open road, it pays to get the right campervan insurance for your needs.

Whether you’ve a classic VW or a modern conversion, call the specialist team at Motorhome Protect on 01865 818341 to find the best policy suited to your particular circumstances.

Campervan insurance policies arranged through Motorhome Protect can include the following benefits:

  • Unlimited cover across all the countries that are part of the European Union
  • Cover of camping personal effects for up to £3,000
  • Up to 6 months to complete a self-restoration
  • Cover for motorhomes with a value up to £150,000
  • Unlimited mileage cover

Call Motorhome Protect today to protect your trusty four-wheeled companion.

Policy benefits and features offered may very between insurance schemes or cover selected and are subject to underwriting criteria. Information contained within this article is accurate at the time of publishing but may be subject to change.