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Whether sun, snow, wind or rain, whatever the time of year, your motorhome can be at risk of weather damage. Motorhome insurance is a great way to protect yourself from the fall-out from such events. But isn’t it better to prevent it from happening in the first place?

Buying a cover for your motorhome is a great way to protect your investment. Read our guide on motorhome covers to help you choose the right one for your cherished home on wheels.


Why should you buy a motorhome cover?

There are numerous reasons to buy a motorhome cover, and not just to protect against the weather.

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Protection from water damage

Damage from water can have a devastating effect on the life of your motorhome, especially if it’s been sitting idle for a long period of time.

Water can be wreaking havoc as you wait for the warm air of spring to come along.

Snow and freezing temperatures will only make matters worse, particularly as you might be less likely to investigate any problems in the dead of winter.


Protection from sun damage

The sun’s UV rays can quickly deteriorate plastic, rubber, latex and calking, leaving lots of nooks and crannies through which the weather can penetrate.

Fibreglass can oxidize and exterior paintwork can fade, all because of UV damage. Tyres can also become easily perished through prolonged exposure to UV light.

No one wants a blow-out while they’re travelling at high speed, so it’s worth protecting them, too.

And it’s not just the outside of your vehicle that gets damaged. Sunlight beaming through a window and into the motorhome, will also cause your furniture to fade and any internal fittings to deteriorate.

Covers also protect from damage due to heat build-up, as they keep the motorhome cool.

With record-breaking temperatures an increasingly common occurrence in the UK, this is not just a problem for hotter climes.


Easier to clean

After any extended period, an uncovered motorhome will need a lot of cleaning. From dust and air pollution to leaves, bird droppings and tree sap, you can have a big job on your hands!

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Better security

Unfortunately, motorhomes are a popular target for thieves, particularly at the present time when motorhomes are so desirable.

Covering your motorhome will, to a certain degree, protect it from opportunists who are looking for an easy target. Out of sight, out of mind!

You shouldn’t be leaving anything valuable inside while the motorhome is not in use. But if you do, a cover will stop prying eyes from spying anything that might be worth stealing.

Particularly if it’s something you’ve fitted to the motorhome that might be desirable to others.

Remember that motorhome insurance can help protect the contents of your motorhome as well as the vehicle itself.


Preserves resale value

You won’t be looking to part with your pride and joy just yet. But if you keep your motorhome covered it’s more likely to achieve a better price when you do come to sell or trade it in.

Motorhome insurance from Motorhome Protect can protect the vehicle itself as well as its contents but it’s far more preferable to prevent the damage from happening in the first place.

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What to look out for when choosing a motorhome cover

From low-profile and campervan to coach built and A-class, there are as many covers as there are models of motorhomes on the market.

So, you should be able to find something perfectly suited to your needs. But what should purchasers be looking out for when searching for a cover?

  • Having a zippable opening for your habitation door as integral to the cover is useful. It makes it far easier to gain access to the interior when you want to check on everything.
  • Where will you store the cover while it’s not in use? A breathable bag designed for the purpose will prolong the life of your cover and mean it’s up to the job when you need it. A dirty or ripped cover won’t protect your motorhome as well as it should.
  • Many owners rely on solar power to keep batteries topped up and their alarm and/or tracking systems operational. You’ll therefore need a cover with a Perspex window to allow the panel to continue to operate.
  • Mould and mildew can easily develop under the cover due to condensation. A cover using a fabric that’s breathable and allows moisture to evaporate will overcome this. Built-in ventilation panels can also be an invaluable addition.
  • Some covers are waterproof rather than just water-resistant. Over time, a water-resistant cover will let the water in.
  • Most covers these days have a non-scratch backing. That means their inner layer is soft so as not to cause any abrasion when the cover brushes against the motorhome chassis. Windows, graphics and light fittings are particularly vulnerable to this. Some covers come with extra pieces of softer material for you to attach to stop scratching.
  • Choose a cover that’s the best fit so it won’t flap around in the wind. Covers can come in many different shapes and sizes from universal fitting, part-tailored and fully tailored. Clearly a cover that’s fully tailored to your specific vehicle with allowance for your roof-mounted fittings, for example, will cost more.
  • Well-known makes might be more expensive to buy but you’re more likely to be able to find replacement parts, such as straps and buckles.
  • If you’re planning to keep your motorhome on the street, a cover with reflective strips will make it more visible to motorists and cyclists at night.


Motorhome insurance to protect your home on wheels

There are so many motorhome covers on the market, it’s easy to become bewildered. Fortunately, finding the right motorhome insurance is a lot more straightforward. By arranging a policy through our specialist team here at Motorhome Protect, you could benefit from a range of benefits including:

  • Unlimited cover across all the countries that are part of the European Union
  • Cover of camping personal effects for up to £3,000
  • Up to 6 months to complete a self-restoration
  • Cover for motorhomes with a value up to £150,000
  • Unlimited mileage cover
  • Consideration of all claims and convictions

Call Motorhome Protect today.

Policy benefits and features offered may very between insurance schemes or cover selected and are subject to underwriting criteria. Information contained within this article is accurate at the time of publishing but may be subject to change.