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For many, spring signifies the start of road trips to explore the beauty the UK has to offer or adventures along the European coast. This year, however, we understand enthusiasts will be unsure when they’ll be able to do this.


We’ve been receiving a lot of queries from customers during this time, so Andrew Evanson, Senior Operations Manager at Motorhome Protect, answers a number of these questions below:


Following the restrictions the government has put in place, what impact does this have on my motorhome insurance?


At Motorhome Protect our opinion is that, even though you might not be using your motorhome in the same way as usual, we’d encourage you to still make sure it is safeguarded. None of us can be sure how the current situation will end but one option the government has is to enforce intermittent periods of restricted movement. Adventures may be postponed for now, but by making sure you’re continuously insured means you’ll be ready to begin your next journey as soon as the restrictions are lifted.


The single biggest risk to your motorhome is theft so it’s important to maintain insurance cover for the vehicles and the contents inside. Motorhomes have always been a hot target for thieves, so we’d encourage you to be extra vigilant when it comes to your security, including ensuring it is left in a secure place.


I won’t be using my motorhome as frequently during the lockdown, are there any savings I can make?


Motorhome Protect policies offer a number of benefits, including a number of limited mileage optionsIf you think your mileage is going to be reduced significantly for the foreseeable future, and if your policy is due for renewal now, you can lower your predicted annual mileage.


When you are looking for new insurance, talk directly to us so we can fully understand your circumstances and provide a tailored quote.


During this time, I plan to spend some time working on my motorhome. Do I still need insurance?


You will need some protection in place should the worst happen. At Motorhome Protect, we can arrange policies which include cover for up to six months to complete a self-restoration.


We can also arrange a specialist laid up policy, if customers are looking for insurance now, which allows them to convert their cover to include road mileage should they choose too.


I’ve volunteered my time to help the NHS in the fight against coronavirus - do I need to add anything to my existing insurance?


We have been overwhelmed by the generosity of people who have volunteered to support the NHS. For our policyholders, we’re pleased to confirm that if you use your motorhome to volunteer during this time, whether that is picking up supermarket shopping for those less able, delivering medicine or transporting patients to routine medical appointments, we will extend your cover at no additional cost. You do not need to call us to let us know you are volunteering, cover will be extended automatically.


How is Motorhome Protect dealing with the current situation?  Can we still contact you?


All of our call centre advisors are working from home and our phone lines remain open as usual. If you need to get in touch with our team, they are available on 01865 818345 and on hand to help with all of your insurance needs. For more information on what we can offer you, please visit our website - we are here to support you.