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Dismal weather doesn’t have to mean a dreary holiday. If the skies darken when you’re away in your motorhome, don’t despair. There is plenty you can do to enjoy yourself, with a little creativity!

If you’re unlucky enough to experience a vehicle fault during wet weather, things can get truly miserable.

Make sure you have reliable campervan insurance so you can get sorted with minimum fuss.


Check the forecast

It might sound obvious, but you’d be amazed how many people set off on a campervan holiday without taking a look at the weather forecast. Also, be sure to stay safe on the road by taking precautions if driving through flooded areas.

If you know what weather is predicted, you can plan accordingly – taking an extra bottle of suncream or some spare waterproofs.

Sitting out the odd shower can be fun, if you plan ahead and bring some entertainment.

However, if the forecast shows a major event like a storm, snow or flooding is on its way, you may be better off shelving your plans and taking the trip another time.

Double check the terms of your campervan insurance to see if there are limitations on travel in bad weather.

A wet roadway stretching into the hilly distance on a rainy day

What to do on a rainy day?

The first issue to deal with on a rainy day is your own attitude.

You might be disappointed that you’re missing out on some quality sunbathing, but don’t just assume you’re going to have a bad time because it’s wet outside.


  • Chill out

This is a great opportunity to just go with the flow and do very little.

Have a lie in, sip a cup of tea while watching the raindrops fall on the windows, listen to the rhythm of the patter on the roof.

It’s a good time to have those deep conversations you’ve been putting off, or even to start a journal. If you're a new campervan owner, here are 30 of our top tips on getting started.

We spend so much time whizzing around and gazing into our phones – you’ll feel the benefit of winding down in a campervan bubble.


  • Whip up a feast

It’s true that most campervan cooking equipment is on the basic side, but this shouldn’t stop you from creating some tasty treats.

Try baking biscuits, making a nutritious soup or preparing simple yet delicious pancakes.

 A plate of freshly cooked pancakes

  • Snuggle down with a movie

When you’re packing for your motorhome trip, make sure you bring some films that you’ve been meaning to watch.

How about a rainy classic like Singin’  in the Rain, Four Weddings and a Funeral or Withnail & I? Open a bag of popcorn, cover yourself with a blanket and settle down in a tiny campervan cinema.

Don’t forget that you’ll need battery power for your device and either a wifi signal or storage for downloaded films.

When travelling with electronic devices, campervan insurance is always recommended to protect you from loss or theft.


  • Get crafty

Whether it’s painting, colouring, knitting or some other craft that floats your boat, craft is a soothing, pleasurable way to while away the hours until the clouds pass by.

Craft supplies can be very compact, for example a small pad and watercolor paint set. Get crafty with the kids especially if you have taken them on a motorhome holiday.

You’ll be left with a wonderful memento of your trip and the creative session will feel very rejuvenating.

A table with painting supplies set up on it

  • Visit a local indoor attraction

A bit of research into your holiday destination pays off in rainy weather.

When storm clouds gather, head to the nearest museum, shopping mall, library, swimming pool, steam train – whatever takes your fancy.

Check local listings for attractions and events, or ask your campsite manager for some tips. If you’re feeling really plush, check yourself into a local spa for some serious pampering.


  • Go to the pub

Pubs are not just for boozing in the evenings.

A cosy pub is a sanctuary in wet weather, especially if delicious hot drinks, open fires and home-cooked food are on offer.

Take a board game, book or crossword along or find a pub showing sports fixtures. Alternatively, find a local cafe and tuck into a glorious cream tea.

Various beers on tap at the bar of a traditional pub

  • Engage with nature

Depending how heavy the rain is, you might enjoy a rainy drive to a panoramic spot. If the weather is particularly bad, avoid driving, but should you end up driving through flooded roads we created a blog for tips to help you through the process.

There’s nothing like watching the rain pour down across a valley in sheets, or spotting a rainbow appear as the sun shines through.

If you’re staying on the campsite, get your binoculars out and see how the birds respond to the rain.

Use a camera to capture wildlife you spot, even if it’s only a ladybird on a petal.


  • Get soaked

Throw caution to the wind, close up your umbrella and enjoy the liberating experience of getting properly soggy.

If the weather is warm, heading out in a shower is memorable and makes you feel alive. Remember to always drive safely whatever the conditions may be.

Take a rainy dip in the sea and you’re likely to have the beach to yourself. 

A pair of childs pink wellington boots next to a pink umbrella in the rain outside

What kit should you take for wet weather?

As well as craft kits, electronic devices and books, some motorhome equipment will help you through soggy spells. An awning is a really useful addition to a campervan.

It provides shade in hot weather but also extends your living space when it’s wet, so you can find somewhere to be alone rather than being cooped up in the van.

A drying rack is very handy for getting wet clothes dry, or check that your campsite has tumble dryers for guests to use.

Taking quick-dry towels and clothes will make life easier, while extra blankets are great for snuggling by day or staying warm at night.

Woolly socks are also brilliant at keeping you warm without taking up much space.

Air out your van when the rain stops and be careful about not getting too many surfaces damp, which can cause condensation.

Wet weather can be a good time to spruce up your campervan a bit. Pack some cleaning supplies and you can have the van swept, wiped and tidy in no time.

Using the downtime to clean can be really satisfying, enhancing the remainder of your stay. It’s surprising how quickly dust and dirt can build up!

Campervan insurance is a definite must-have, whatever the weather. Contact Motorhome Protect today for a quote.