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It’s hard to stay upbeat during the long, dark winter months. Your tropical summer getaway has been and gone, the weather’s looking gloomy and you’re stuck indoors with little to do.

Ever considered going on a winter campervan trip? You may own a campervan but only take it on tour during high season; you may be considering renting or purchasing a campervan.

Either way, you’d be surprised how breathtakingly beautiful and fun a wintertime campervan break can be.

Pack your bags and, in no time at all, you’ll find yourself roasting marshmallows amidst stunning scenery or walking along wintery beaches in perfect bliss.

Motorhome Protect finds you campervan insurance you can trust, giving you the right cover during your winter road trip. We know how much fun a winter road trip can be, so here are seven reasons to get campervanning this season...


  1. Less sunshine means less crowding

A drivers view of a snowy winding road in-front

We’ve all been there, sitting on the motorway for hours, wondering if the queue will ever move.

Road trips and camping become much more popular in the summer, which means you’re far more likely to encounter crowds and queues wherever you venture.

Taking a winter trip in your mobile home allows you to experience peaceful, relatively empty campsites.

You can still mix with fellow revellers at nearby pubs and restaurants, should you fancy it, but taking a trip in wintertime allows for real peace and quiet, on your terms.


  1. It’s an affordable escape

The wallet takes a considerable hit during the summer season, whether we’re venturing off to warmer climates or simply going out more to enjoy the rays.

Most of us wince at the thought of treating ourselves to an additional winter getaway.

However, renting a house trailer is considerably cheaper in the winter months, as is renting space in a campsite.

This means you can take a longer trip than normal for a reduced price, all while getting some much-needed relaxation.


  1. The landscapes are totally different

A hilly landscape in the Lake District covered in snow on a sunny day

From season to season, landscapes undergo complete transformations, going from full bloom to winter wonderlands.

Sadly, we tend to miss out on the spectacle, staying inside during the colder months.

As long as you have reliable campervan insurance and ensure your mobile home is adequately winter-proofed, there’s no reason you can’t explore the wonders of winter landscapes.

Park at your chosen campsite, wrap up warm and go walking, taking in snow-capped mountains and forests, lakes glazed over by ice and stunning views – winter air tends to be clearer after all.


  1. Fight the blues

Winter means darker mornings and shorter days, so it’s no wonder SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) affects some of us.

A total change of scene, whether with family, friends or solo, is a great way to reinvigorate and fight those winter blues into submission.

Outdoor activities such as walking help bust stress and lower your blood pressure, among other benefits.

Get away from work and enjoy the restorative effects of the great outdoors.


  1. It’s a dog owner’s paradise

A man in winter clothing walking his dog through a woodland area

Whether you own or rent a campervan, bringing your pooch on the road with you really adds to the experience.

Dogs love new sights, smells and sounds, so it’s a lovely treat for them, too.

However, summer is a pretty restrictive time to take your furry friend on tour. Many beaches and eating establishments aren’t dog friendly, and keeping your dog locked inside a hot vehicle can pose risks to his/her health.

Life becomes easier during wintertime, when most beaches revert to dog friendly status.


  1. Winter perks

Yes, it’s cold and often wet, but winter offers certain magical moments summer can’t top.

Pick the perfect spot for your recreational vehicle, then set about planning the perfect winter fire to roast marshmallows over and tell stories around – better yet, winter weather means fewer pesky wasps!

Bring along your favourite board games and books you’ve been meaning to read, then enjoy alongside a warm mug of hot chocolate or glass of mulled wine.


  1. Winter activities on the road

Taking a campervan holiday during winter allows you to enjoy a wide range of activities you wouldn’t normally do, come the warmer seasons.

As you travel, you can incorporate visits to winter markets, cosy pubs with great food, ice rinks and more.

You’re more likely to get talking to locals and potentially make new friends, as most places will be quieter without summer tourists packing them out.

 A woman ice skating while it's snowing

Top winter campervanning tips

  • There are plenty of gorgeous campsites which remain open out of season, check online before setting out and plan your route around off-season campsites
  • Make sure your mobile home is watertight and winter-proofed, checking for any gaps or cracks and getting them filled in before your trip
  • Check the heating system works properly so you can stay nice and cosy during the night
  • Bring an extra gas bottle or two, depending on how long your trip is
  • Keep the water tanks almost empty at night to avoid cracked pipes
  • Carry a supply of drinking water at all times
  • Bring plenty of nourishing food, thick blankets and warm clothes


Before you leave

A frozen windscreen of a campervan in winter

So, you’ve found the campervan of your dreams and you’re ready to plan an unforgettable winter adventure.

Whether you’re a mobile home owner or plan on renting a campervan, it’s vital you protect yourself and your vehicle with campervan insurance you can trust.

Whatever the season, there’s no way of ruling out every risk when you go on holiday.

Campervans are larger than the average car, so the risk of accidents is greater.

Your campervan road trip should be a time for rest and relaxation, so spare yourself the headache and get reliable cover.

Motorhome Protect finds you quality campervan insurance. Cover may include benefits such as:

  • Up to £3,500 cover for your camping personal effects
  • Cover value up to £150,000
  • Panel of leading Campervan insurers
  • Up to 365 days a year cover, which may include foreign use

Don’t delay, get a campervan insurance quote today and breathe easier.