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Motorhomes are popular with all age groups, including the under 25s. Read this guide to find out all you need to know about motorhome insurance for under 25s.


What is motorhome insurance for under 25s?


Getting behind the wheel and touring in your ‘home on wheels’ is great fun at any age, but for under 25s there can be a few extra bumps in the road. The biggest of which can be the issue of arranging motorhome or campervan insurance.

Unfortunately, some insurance companies refuse to provide motorhome or campervan insurance tailored to those under 25, or will seek to increase insurance premiums by unreasonable amounts. That’s why speaking to an insurance specialist like Motorhome Protect is so important.

We understand the specific challenges of finding insurance for young drivers and will work hard to arrange the right policy suited to you and your vehicle. Whether you opt for a motorhome or a campervan insurance policy, you can be sure Motorhome Protect will help you find the best cover for you.

Just as with any insurance product there are a whole host of benefits to motorhome insurance cover for under 25s.

These include:


European travel insurance cover - Having the freedom to experience all the world has to offer is something most young people want to enjoy. Who needs the worry of flight delays and expensive hotels when you could simply drive your motorhome over to Europe?

Contents insurance cover - With expensive gadgets and sports equipment a feature of many action-packed holidays you’ll want insurance that also protects your belongings. Motorhome Protect provides insurance cover for all camping personal effects up to a value of £3,500.

Consideration of all motor claims and convictions - According to figures from the DVLA, drivers under 25 are more likely to commit a driving offence. So, you’ll be on the lookout for insurers who’ll give you a second chance.


Young drivers – the stats


With driving lessons and tests suspended for much of the pandemic, the number of younger drivers on UK roads has dropped to the lowest level ever recorded. Figures from the DVLA show that in 2021 there were just 2.97 million drivers aged 16 to 25 holding full driving licences in the UK, down from 3.32 million in March 2020.

Generally, younger drivers are at more risk of crashing on the road than older drivers. Road safety charity Brake says this could be due to a combination of youth and inexperience.

With one in five drivers having an accident within a year of passing their test, and over 1,500 young drivers killed or seriously injured on UK roads every year, what are the key risk factors for young drivers?


According to Brake these include:


Carrying passengers – Recently qualified drivers with a vehicle full of passengers of similar age are four times more likely to be in a fatal crash, compared with when driving alone. But if accompanied by older adult passengers, young drivers are less likely to crash.

Driving at night – Young drivers have a higher number of crashes at night than other groups. This is thought to be because they’re more likely to be driving for recreation and more likely to be drunk or drugged, or taking risks such as speeding.

Failing to recognise potential hazards and overconfidence in driving ability – Whether speeding, drink and drug driving, using a mobile phone, or failing to wear a seatbelt, younger drivers are more likely to engage in risky behaviour than older drivers.

Building up your experience by borrowing or hiring a vehicle is a great idea for under 25s. But remember, you’ll need temporary motorhome or campervan insurance to keep you covered.

If you’re nervous about doing this then how about speaking to parents or an older friend with a motorhome, campervan or a caravan? They could provide many useful driving tips.


Can I get motorhome insurance when I’m under 25?


In general, there’s no reason why being under 25 should stop you from arranging the right motorhome insurance cover for you. However, insurance providers are within their rights to refuse to cover a young driver based on their assessment of risk and other criteria.

For example, if you have a conviction for a driving offence, or you own a particularly powerful motorhome then you might find insurance cover more difficult to obtain.

But remember, just because a few insurers refuse you cover, that’s no reason to give up. Providers of campervan insurance and other policies will have slightly different criteria when it comes to assessing whether or not to provide you with insurance.

A good idea if you’ve arranged temporary insurance cover before, or you’ve been added as an additional driver to someone else’s motorhome insurance, is to speak to that insurance provider. They may be more likely to arrange you your own motorhome or campervan insurance policy.

While you might be disappointed if an insurer refuses to cover you it’s important to realise that age can be used by an insurance company to assess the risk of insuring your motorhome. This assessment can be used to work out whether to offer you insurance in the first place and the price of your insurance premiums.

This can also be used to set age limits on certain insurance policies and offer insurance to drivers in certain age groups only.


Common exclusions – what’s not included in insurance cover for under 25s?


Just like any insurance policy, it’s always important to check what your under 25 motorhome or campervan insurance policy doesn’t cover. Common insurance exclusions may be:


  • If you use the motorhome as your permanent home.
  • If your motorhome develops mould and mildew or a vermin infestation. Often seen as negligence by the motorhome owner so not covered by most insurance policies.
  • If your motorhome is left unlocked and someone breaks in. This rule on unforced entry can even apply if you’re in the vehicle at the time. So, be warned if you like to leave a window open while sleeping, you might not be covered by your insurance. Read our guide on motorhome health and safety risks and what not to do in your motorhome to be as safe as possible.
  • If you use your motorhome as part of your business. Trade vehicles need a different type of business-specific insurance policy.
  • General wear and tear. Just because your motorhome has seen better days doesn’t mean your motorhome or campervan insurance provider will pay out. Read our 10 signs you need to upgrade your motorhome.


Is motorhome insurance for under 25s expensive?


Motorhome drivers with less experience are often going to lose out to more experienced drivers. You won’t be surprised to hear that when calculating a driver's motorhome insurance premium, insurers will take into account your ‘perceived risk’.

For example, if you’re a younger, more inexperienced driver or you live in a high crime rate area then you’ll often pay higher insurance costs. Unfortunately, the fact of the matter is that you’re statistically more likely to claim for an accident, theft or vandalism than a more experienced driver who lives in a safer neighbourhood.

But that doesn’t mean you need to settle for sky-high insurance premiums. As a young driver of a motorhome there are always alternative motorhome and campervan insurance providers out there.

As a young driver it’s very important to shop around for insurance that caters for your specific requirements and budget. We believe there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to arranging insurance.

Remember though, searching for the right insurance policy for your circumstances can involve a delicate balancing act. For instance, even if you’ve had plenty of motorhome driving experience and a clean driving record you might still find insurance premiums are on the high side. After all, you won’t have had so many years to build up your no claims discount.

And if you’re driving a very powerful or expensive imported motorhome then you’re probably going to be paying more on insurance than for other vehicles. Contact the helpful team at Motorhome Protect to see what we can do for you. As specialists in motorhome and campervan insurance we’ve got a lot of know-how to share.


9 ways under 25s can save money on insurance for a motorhome


As a motorhome owner under 25 you might have to pay a little more for your motorhome insurance than older drivers. But while insurance for under 25s can cost more, your insurance provider will do their best to offset this.

Perhaps by offering a discount for members of a motorhome or campervan club?

Luckily, if you’re a younger driver searching for quality motorhome insurance at an affordable price, there are still lots of ways to keep the cost of insurance low.


woman sat driving with her dog next to her



1. Choose your vehicle wisely


Picking the right vehicle in the first place is a good way to get your insurance search off to a great start. A compact and cool campervan that’s easy to drive and park could be a better option than a large coachbuilt motorhome or a family-sized caravan.


2. Pay for your policy in one go


If you can afford to do so, choosing to pay your premium annually rather than monthly can often work out cheaper.



3. Increase your voluntary excess


Upping the standard excess should see your insurance costs fall.


4. Limit the number of miles you do


If you’re doing fewer miles, then it stands to reason you’ll be less likely to cause damage or be involved in an accident.


5. Add a more experienced driver to your insurance policy


Adding a more experienced driver with a good no-claims bonus could result in lower insurance premiums.


6. Consider temporary insurance cover


If you’re only using the vehicle for one-off trips then consider short-term temporary motorhome or campervan insurance.


7. Improve motorhome security

Making it harder for thieves to break in or steal from you could help keep insurance costs down.


8. Never assume that less cover means cheaper insurance

Many people think that third party only will be the cheapest insurance option because it provides the least cover. But in many cases, you’d be wrong.


9. Speak to a motorhome insurance specialist


It's always worth speaking to someone at Motorhome Protect about insurance for under 25s.


Get a quick quote today and you’ll be off on your travels in no time.